2018 Fire Festival
1st Day
2nd Day
3rd Day
4th Day

Day 3 (Main Ceremony) : The Wish of Fire, Soaring to the Sky Day [ Saebyeoloreum ]

Program Time Venue Remarks
* Experience Programs (including Outdoor Fire Ignition) 11:00~20:00 Square  
Break Big Nuts 13:30~14:00 Special Stage [Square]  
Forum on the Approach for Development of Festival 14:00~16:00 Main Theme Pavilion  
Contest for Citizens’ Unity (Lifting Deumdol, Twisting Straws into a Rope and Making a Thatched Roof, Neokdungbegi) 14:00~15:30 Special Stage [Square]  
Equestrian Performance 15:00~16:30 Equestrian Performance Pavilion  
Youth Festival with Fire 15:30~16:50 Special Stage  
Jeju Farmers’ Song Performance 18:30~19:05 Special Stage
Special Performance for Global Culture Exchange 18:30~18:35 Special Stage  
Video on Fire History 19:00~19:05 Special Stage  
Official Ceremony for Oreum Fire Burning (Opening Address, Congratulatory Messages) 19:05~19:30 Special Stage  
Theme Performance: Hwasim (Heart of Flower) 19:30~19:36 Special Stage  
Theme Performance: Fire Burning (Media Facade & Performance) 19:36~19:45 Special Stage [Orumm]  
Theme Performance: Tamna Hwahoe (Hwasim Parade & Sheaf Burning) 19:45~20:00 Special Stage
[Anchidae, Square]
Theme Performance: Fireworks 20:00~20:10 Special Stage
Theme Performance: Closing Performance 20:10~20:30 Special Stage  

* Saebyeoloreum Square Experience Programs : Making a Festival Character, Fire LED Jwibulnori (burning fields and paddies in winter for a good harvest in the next harvesting season), Straw Craftwork, Making Saebyeoloreum Scented Candles, Smart Phone Fire Photo Exhibition, Fire Bulteok Experience, Old Family Game, Making Hwasim, Breaking Big Nuts, Equestrian Experience Class, Jeju Horsehair Craftwork Village, Slow Post Office, Outdoor Fire Ignition, Hanging Wish Papers on Wish Street, Color Jeju.