2018 Fire Festival
Letter of Invitation
Festival Outline
Introducing Saebyeol Oreum

The 2012 Jeongwol Daeboreum Deulbul Festival is in its 14th year since its commencement in 1997.
(20012002 - Best Festival twice, 2005-Preliminary Festival once, 200620072008200920102011Promising Festival 6 times)
Jeju is working to improve this festival through upgraded programs, increasing the percentage of the various folk and life culture experience programs of Jeju on the basis of the experience garnered from the 14 previous festivals.

In particular, Jeju will improve and develop the Jeongwol Daeboreum Deulbul Festival into a festival to promote harmony among the citizens praying for the success of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province by crafting an international-grade festival and developing this festival as the representative festival of Jeju, the International Free City, using its unique seasonal customs.

The policy and goals of the festival are to differentiate the festival from the local festivals of other regions, using fire, the moon, the Oreum and the horse as its main themes.

The 2012 Jeju Jeongwol Daeboreum Deulbul Festival will pursue the harmonious development of people and nature.

With the increasing awareness of citizens and tourists concerning the environment in the 21st century, Jeju will substantiate the experience program climbing oreums around Saebyeol-Oreum, the festival venue, and the neighboring Edal-Oreum. Visitors will encounter a variety of experiential programs including concours dressage, unique world kite flying, a lucky pig herding competition, grass sledding, the love stagecoach, red bean porridge stands, a Tangerine character photo zone and Jubul-Nori.

A prayer corner--"Come Quickly to Pray!"--and an area for Writing a Family Code of Conduct and Hanging Sacrificial Paper will contribute to the hopes for peace and well-being in the year to come.

The 2012 Jeju Jeongwol Daeboreum Deulbul Festival is the festival for the great unity of citizens.

In order to create a festival to unify all citizens of Jeju, the participation of 33 villages in Jeju-Si and Seoguipo-Si and approximately 3,000 participants from the Pungmulnori troupe will create an upbeat atmosphere. A Neokdung-begi (Yut game) Contest for the Harmony of Villages and a Jeju Citizens Great Unity Tug-of-War will be also held.

The 2012 Jeju Jeongwol Daeboreum Deulbul Festival is a culture festival where traditional folk culture is alive.
Our ancestors survived the rough handling of the environment with endurance and a spirit of challenge, creating a unique Jeju folk culture over time through the wisdom to adapt to nature. To inherit and experience the spirit of our ancestors, we have prepared a variety of folk events including a Prayer Ritual for Good Harvest, "Good Harvest in the Fields, a Pastoral Song of the Pasture and a Ship Full of Fish in the Sea," a Straw Rope Making Competition, Geolgung-Nori (Fund-raising Rites), Deumdol-Deulgi (stone lifting) and a Jeju Dialect Demonstration.

The 2012 Jeju Jeongwol Daeboreum Deulbul Festival is open to enthusiastic young people leading the culture in the 21st century.

The 21st century is the century of culture, and our young people are at the center of it. This festival will offer programs for youth including a Youth Festival in which teens can display their talent and vitality to their hearts' content. The programs include a B-boy dream concert and a youth orchestra performance.

The 2012 Jeju Jeongwol Daeboreum Deulbul Festival is a global festival for strengthening friendships and praying for peace and prosperity, the ultimate objective of people everywhere, through solidarity among cities both in Korea and abroad during this global age.

The Jeongwol Daeboreum Deulbul Festival has grown as a venue for international cultural exchange for international sister cities including cities from countries like the USA, Japan and China, as well as domestic sister cities. In an age of the integration of our special self-governing province, this festival is expanding toward an international festival with congratulatory performance teams and goodwill missions from 21 self-governing authorities in Korea and 51 cities from three countries.

Furthermore, the festival is strengthening its role as a celebration of harmony and mutual prosperity for successfully accomplishing the vision of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, moving toward being an International Free City and Island of World Peace.

To satisfy the mission of the special self-governing province required in this age, and to realize its vision to be a most remarkable city as the hub of Jeju Self-Governing Province, Jeju has planned the following: Reading Messages for Success, a Torchlight March, Hanging Sacrificial Prayer Papers, and Burning Earth-Shaped Moon Houses.

Tourists will fully feel the grandeur of the Deulbul Festival as the number of participants in the torchlight march is extensively increased, the duration of the burning of the Oreum is maximized, and a volcanic eruption is imitated through setting fire to the Oreum. These events will be impressive to the extreme.

Jeju is running the Jeju Promotion Center to take an exhaustive look in one place at information regarding the various festivals to be held in Jeju this year. We will also forecast the development of Jeju by holding a photo exhibition of the previous Deulbul Festivals, Jeju itself and promotional images of the Deulbul Festival in order to promote the historical value and quality of the festival.

In addition, to accelerate the consumption of Jeju specialties and increase profit from the tourism industry, Jeju also operates a local specialty shop. Various kinds of events include an area for a Jeongwol Daeboreum Theme Food and World Food Sampling areas to hark back to the meaning of the Deulbul Festival. A Jeongwol Daeboreum Deulbul Festival Photo Contest is also held.